About Taxology

Taxology assists institutional investors and investment managers with their custody withholding tax oversight & control, and global withholding tax reclaims in the widest sense. Our custody tax monitoring and global reclaims platform Protocol is at the core of everything we do.

Taxology is an ISO27001 (2022 standard) certified company.

Since its establishment in 2016, Taxology has helped institutional investors and investment managers reclaim over 100 million in withholding tax. We have also helped them get oversight and control over their global withholding tax position.

Launch of Taxology's withholding tax reclaim and management solution Protocol

Our withholding tax experts have decades of combined experience as tax advisors to the financial services industry, and as in-house tax counsel with institutional asset managers. Among our clients are pension funds, investment managers, investment funds, charities an endowment funds in Europe and North America. In 2017, we released the first version of Protocol, our proprietary cloud platform for global withholding tax management and reclaims. In 2022, our withholding tax reclaims exceeded USD 100 million.

Taxology's vision and mission

Taxology’s vision is to develop and operate the world’s leading integrated service and software platform for global withholding tax relief for all portfolio investors. Within this overarching vision, our mission is to enable any investor to effectively and efficiently obtain the withholding tax relief they are entitled to in any market, and attain control of their withholding tax position. We aim to achieve this through our global reach of withholding tax relief services and automation of withholding tax relief processes through our proprietary software platform “Protocol”.